Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. Policies & Procedures is designed to create an awareness of the responsibilities involved in Direct Selling among all operatives and SEO Associates. This Policies & Procedures contains principles of ethical conduct for both Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SEO” or “firm”) and its Associates.

SEO Policies & Procedures forms a part of SEO Associate Agreement, Online Application Form and establish/define certain principles to be followed in the pursuit of development and maintenance of SEO business and the rights, duties, and responsibilities of every SEO Associate.


In these Rules unless the context otherwise require, the following words and phrases shall mean what is given below:

“SEO” / Firm” means Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd., having its registered office at Sanajy Gandhi Nagar, Road No.-10, Near Yogipur Nala, Hanuman Nagar, Kankarbagh, Patna-800026, Bihar, India.

“SEO Business” means all obligations, requirements, restrictions and opportunities connected with selling of SEO products and providing service to its customers.

“SEO Associate” / “Associate” means a person that has entered into an agreement with SEO and who has successfully completed his/her Identity, Address and Bank verification.

“Registered Customer” / “Associate” means a person who has registered himself/herself with SEO, has completed his/her KYC but has not executed the SEO Associate Agreement with the firm.

“Customer” means an end user of products and/or services offered through SEO Associate or SEO Point of Sale.

“SEO Point of Sale” includes SEO Branch, Warehouse, Mini Warehouse, SEO Store (Eco Centre), SEO website and any other point of sale that firm may open from time to time. These points of sales are appointed by the firm to make sales to registered customers, associates and other point of sales at predetermined rates and earn incentive from the firm on basis of their sales and not on basis of Direct Selling Business Plan.

“SEO Products”/ “Products” means all goods and services, including literature and other support materials made available by SEO to its Associates.

“SEO Business Plan”/ “Business plan” means the sales, marketing and compensation plan of the firm which contains, the different ways under which a SEO Associate can build his/her business in the firm and this Business Plan can be amended by the firm from time to time.

“Sponsor” means a SEO Associate who introduces an applicant to SEO for becoming a SEO Associate without any joining fees in compliance with all applicable requirements and who, in turn, is assigned by SEO to support the recommended applicant, if the application is accepted by the firm.

“SEO Associate Agreement” means the agreement setting forth the rights and duties of a SEO Associate, which is entered into through acceptance by Associate Online Application Form inclusive of the terms and conditions.

“Business Group” refers to that SEO Associate and all his/her personally sponsored Associates, all those Associates sponsored by his/her personally sponsored Associates and so on down to and including those who have not sponsored anyone, excluding his/her up-line Associates.

“Line of Sponsorship” (LOS) means structural arrangement of SEO Associates established as a result of contractual relationship that each Associate has with SEO that includes all information pertaining to all or part of the Line of Sponsorship excluding his/her up-line Associates, including but not limited to Associate's ID number and other Associates business identification data and business performance data.

“Prospect” means a potential SEO Associate.

“Policies & Procedures” refers to the set of rules and regulations and documents, including the present document, published by SEO from time to time which governs the conduct of SEO Associates while engaging in business related to SEO, whether directly or indirectly.

“De-sponsorship” means removal of a SEO Associate from his/her position as a Sponsor in the Line of Sponsorship.


SEO and its Associates have a binding contractual relationship. The terms and conditions of this relationship are set forth in SEO Associate Agreement, SEO Business Plan and Policies & Procedures as updated by SEO from time-to-time, or any other published material of SEO, forms an integral part of the SEO Associate Agreement. These terms and conditions define and establish certain guidelines to be followed in the development and maintenance of a SEO Business and the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each Associate.

The SEO Associate shall indemnify SEO from and against all actions, claims, demands, prosecutions, penalties including costs thereof and not excluding SEO’s legal costs which might be made or brought against SEO in respect of or arising out of breach, infringement or infraction of any laws, regulations and codes of practice arising out of the operation of SEO Business by the SEO Associate. SEO shall not have any liability to any Associate in respect of any loss, cost, damage or expense suffered directly or indirectly as a result of any act, omission, representation or statement of any other Associate or point of sale.

Mentioned below are rules, regulations, policies and processes with regard to conducting SEO Business:

Joining as SEO Associate:

To become a SEO Associate, a person needs to have attained the age of majority under the applicable law. There is no joining fee to become SEO Associate. An applicant having a reference from any existing SEO Associate can fill the Online Associate Application Form, using the Sponsor’s ID. The Applicant is required to fill up the form truthfully and agree to abide by the governing terms and conditions. Thereafter, the mobile number provided by the Applicant will be verified via OTP and on successful verification of the OTP, the Applicant shall receive his/her login credential on the provided mobile number. After logging into the Associate Portal, the Associate is required to upload his/her KYC documents to get the identity, address and bank account details verified. Government issued cards are accepted for both Address and Identity proof which will be subject to verification and applicant id will effective only after due verification. The applicant will further have to provide the bank details (such as proper Passbook/Cancelled cheque/bank statement) for bank account verification under the name Associateship is applied for to get commissions as per the Business Plan. It is to be noted that the Firm will only transfer the incentive earned by the Associate into the bank account as per the NEFT/Bank details submitted by the applicant to the firm on SEO Associate portal.

The Associate will then be required to upload a passport size photo for the SEO Associate ID Card, which will be dispatched to the Associate via postal services. The Associate is further required to upload his/her PAN card and as such the commissions will be sent to the bank account furnished by the Associate post deduction of applicable TDS as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Non-furnishing of PAN card will increase the deduction to 20% TDS or as specified by the Income Tax Act. Further, if anAssociate’sincentive/sale crosses the exemption limit under GST threshold on account of income from SEO business or any other source of income in any financial year he/she has to obtain GST Registration and furnish the same to SEO. He/she shall pay proper GST and shall be solely liable for compliances with GST law. The SEO Associate will also be required to undergo mandatory orientation session provided by the firm in order to get knowledge about the Direct selling business, SEO business plan and SEO products. A SEO Associate cannot have multiple Associateships with the Firm. The spouse of a SEO Associate can join SEO business as direct sponsorship as his/her immediate down-line and shall be subject the adherence to the Policies and Procedure and other policies of the firm as SEO Associate. SEO Associate can change the information submitted in the Associate Online Application Form by raising a request through the Associate portal or email or by contacting SEO Customer Care. The Associate will be required to submit supporting documents / information as per the instructions and guidelines given in his/her Associate portal/ email/ by Customer Care Executive. The firm reserves the right to decide whether to accept or reject an application, without providing any explanation whatsoever.

No employer-employee- relationship:

SEO Associate agrees that he/she is an independent contractor of the firm and will work on principal-to-principal basis. The SEO Associate will neither be an employee nor an agent of the firm and will build his/her own SEO Business and shall be responsible for all business, legal and personal expenses. Further, the SEO Associate will also be solely responsible for all the required compliances under applicable laws.

SEO Associate’s Business Activities:

SEO Associate can buy products for self-use or for resale through https://saveecoorganic.com/ website Associate portal which can be accessed by signing in using the user id provided at the time of enrollment or other SEO Point of Sales or other SEO Associates. The copy of the invoices against purchases made and other order details will be available at the Associate portal. The SEO Associate is expected to affect sale of the SEO products through “Order Form” by meeting prospective customers/ associate by way of live demonstration of the products. The Associate shall not sell the SEO products from a fixed retail outlet or through any online web service / E-commerce website unless specifically permitted by the Firm. SEO Associate undertakes to act at all times in a professional and honest manner and shall be guided by the provisions of The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021 and other applicable laws. The Firm is neither offering any quick rich scheme nor giving guarantee of generation of any fixed income, SEO Associate is an independent contractor whose success or failure depends solely on his/her personal efforts he/she puts in building his/her business by way of selling products and commissions will only be paid of such basis. SEO Associate shall observe confidentiality in terms of Trade Secrets of the Firm.

Duties and Obligation of SEO Associate:

SEO Associate shall carry/wear the ID card issued by the firm, every time he/she is promoting the Firm’s product or Business plan to prospective customers/associate. The Associate should take prior appointment before meeting prospective customers or Associates and should introduce himself/herself and the Firm and shall provide the contact details of themselves and the firm and they shall truthfully represent the nature of product as described in the official product literature of the firm. SEO Associate shall not ask from the prospective Associates to pay them any sum of money or enrolment fee or distributor fee etc. in lieu of sponsoring or introducing new Associates in the Firm. SEO Associate who becomes a sponsor of a prospective Associate, shall ensure that he/she will provide training and motivation to their personally sponsored Associates and shall not engage in high pressure selling/ over commitment/ wrong commitment and will be courteous towards their customer(s)/fellow Associates and must always make a fair representation of the Business plan and SEO products faithfully and without any inducement.

There is no obligation on a SEO Associate to buy large quantities of SEO products, the Associate should buy the determined quantity of products which he/she can reasonably consume or sell in a period of time. Furthermore, the Associate shall not induce or cause to induce others to buy unreasonably high volumes of products which cannot be consumed or sold in a given period of time.

The SEO Associate shall only use the official literature and business promotion material of the Firm to introduce / present / demonstrate the SEO products/ Business plan etc. to prospective new Associate.

The SEO Associate shall provide their customers with a duly filled Order Form at or prior to the time of initial sale. For the Associate’s reference the format of Order Form is also available on the Associate portal.

The sale of SEO product cannot exceed the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and the SEO Associate shall issue an invoice to the customer for every sale made by him/her and for the Associate’s reference the format of invoice is also available on the Associate portal.

The SEO Associate can organize seminars and meetings by obtaining prior approval of the Firm. In addition to the approval from the Firm, the Associate shall be responsible to obtain any other requisite permission from the local /state Authorities, as the case maybe.

The SEO Associate shall not entice other SEO business team’s member to join his/her own team through various monetary and non-monetary advantages.

The SEO Associate should maintain and help others to create a healthy work environment for people associated with him/her. It is strictly prohibited to misbehave in anyway with any of the fellow SEO Associate/SEO’s staff/Customer/their family members.

SEO Associate can use or display SEO’s trademarks, trade names, logos, designs and symbols to market and advertise SEO’s products, as defined under the present document.

SEO Associates are strictly prohibited from deleting any material from, adding any material to, adding extra words, labels, or other materials on and altering or detaching any label from the product/literature. The products of the Firm must be sold in the form and packages provided by the firm and must not be decanted, repacked or otherwise altered from the said form and packages.

SEO Associate shall not place orders in the name of another Associate without that Associate’s prior written approval. The Associate shall not withhold the product purchased on behalf of other team members and shall not misrepresent facts to take any undue advantage from their fellow Associates.

The SEO Associate at all times should comply with and strictly adhere to the guidelines, systems, requirements, procedures, policies and terms and conditions mentioned under SEO literature or any amendment thereof effected by the Firm from time to time. The SEO Associate shall keep records of products consumed and resold separately and provide the same to SEO upon demand. SEO directs every direct seller to sell through personal interaction with the Customer/Consumers. Use of alternative methods of selling like retail or online sale is contrary to fundamental principles of direct selling and disturbs the level playing field. SEO is committed to provide equal opportunity to all SEO Associates and hence prohibits sale or display of SEO products and services at places where retail goods are sold.

SEO Associate must not engage in any deceptive or unlawful trade practice. The Associate shall be responsible for complying with Central, State or local laws, State GST, Toll taxes and all other taxes/ laws/regulations as may be applicable to him/her from time to time and such laws may vary from State to State in India and also for obtaining all licenses and registrations as may be required for running his/her SEO business from time to time. No SEO Associate may operate any illegal or unlawful business enterprise, engage or participate in any illegal or unlawful business activity or be convicted of any illegal or unlawful activity. SEO is not responsible for or concerned with effort or expense required to comply with such laws and regulations or the consequences of default. The Associate is representing SEO and hence they must not do any act or activity or conduct himself/herself in any such manner so as to jeopardize the reputation of the company and the business.

When a SEO Associate gives an invitation to a prospective associate/customer in an Introductory Meeting, he/she should not: Convey an impression that it relates to an employment opportunity. Convey an impression that the invitation is social event or market survey. Promote the business opportunity as a business relationship with a person, company, or organizations other than SEO, imply that the meeting is for the purpose other than presenting SEO's Business Plan.

SEO Associate shall observe decorum while engaging with prospective associate/ customers and shall ensure that he/she is not disturbed without prior intimation, it could be for sale of SEO products and/or services or it could be for introducing the SEO business or both. The Associate shall never impose himself/herself upon his/her prospective associate/customers.

In the course of presentation of the SEO Business Plan, a SEO Associate should:

Emphasize that Income and Bonuses can be achieved only on the basis of continuous sales and business building. Not represent that a person can only earn by recommending others to be SEO Associate and does not claim that an Associate may achieve success with little or no investment by way of effort or time. Not exaggerate or overstate the kind of potential earnings that can be generated by SEO business.

Show the sample of products, if so desired by Customer / Associate and guide the Customers / Associate to use the product as per directions and cautions for the products. Whenever there is any Customer complaint, the SEO Associate shall notify the firm along with all correspondences they have had with customer regarding the complaint while also guiding the customer for replacing products as per firm’s cancellation/return/exchange/warranty/refund policy. SEO Associate shall indemnify the firm for any claim, legal actions etc. (including the firm’s legal fees) originating because of any failure of the Associate to observe these rules.

SEO Associate must not use SEO’s Associate or activities organized specially to promote SEO Products or SEO events, to promote his/her non-SEO business/profession nor will induce another Associate to participate in any other non-SEO Business activity.

SEO Associate will be terminated at absolute discretion of SEO, if he/she is found to be acting as an associate or working for that company/organisation in any other manner/capacity which is in direct/indirect competition with SEO products, business and/or services that may neglect or detrimentally affect SEO. While presenting the products of the company to any prospective associate or customer the SEO Associate is bound to make such claims about the products that are officially mentioned on the labels of all products of SEO. However, all SEO Associates are prohibited from making exaggerated claims about the products.

Duties and Obligations of Sponsor:

SEO Associates shall abide by the Policies and Procedure and terms of the SEO Associate Agreement and shall not indulge themselves in any wrongful activity, which could have any adverse effect upon the business of another Associate. Ensure that all Associates in their group comply with all the provisions of the Policies and Procedures and terms of SEO Associate Agreement in letter and spirit.

Counsel the Sponsored SEO Associate in case he/she notices non-compliance of the Policies and Procedure and terms of SEO Associate Agreement; report any violations of Policies and Procedure and terms of SEO Associate Agreement to the firm. Guide on promotions and other activities, media etc. to assure that Sponsored Associates conform to the firm approved procedures and rules. Encourage Sponsored Associates to place their orders independently. Not represent that there is an employment or agency relationship between him/her and the Associate which is sponsored by them.

Distributorship of Spouse and Family:

The spouse of a SEO Associate can join SEO business as direct sponsorship as his/her immediate down-line and shall be subject the adherence to the Policies and Procedure, terms of the SEO Associate Agreement and other policies of the firm as SEO Associate. Legally separated Spouse can join the SEO business in individual capacity with their individual ID after obtaining approval from the firm. The family member of a SEO Associate can join the SEO business under their own family line of sponsorship. Family members cannot have different line of sponsorship Family shall consist of spouse, children and dependant parents If two existing SEO Associates gets married, the one of them shall surrender the Associateship and join Line of Sponsorship of his/her spouse

Correction and Change:

Correction of name:

Only spelling corrections will be allowed for the name of a SEO Associate, if any error has occurred on part of the Associate while filling the form, written request is required from the Associate requesting the rectification and enclosing a copy of valid KYC document such as Bank Passbook, Passport, Driving License, PAN card containing his/her signature or signature attested by Bank.

Change of address and phone number:

Written request is required for changing the address of the concerned SEO Associate along with a proof of valid address such as a copy of Passport, Voter lD-card, Aadhar card, Driving Licence etc. Address proof must be in the name of applicant and must have the same address as requested for change. Written request is required for changing the phone number of the concerned SEO Associate requesting the same along with a valid proof.

Inheritance of SEO business:

In an unfortunate event of death of SEO Associate, the SEO business along with the level attained by the deceased can be transferred to a designated legal inheritor (Nominee) eligible for SEO business. SEO will support the latter to inherit the SEO business of the deceased Associate, for which the inheritor will be required to apply, to inherit the business of deceased within 6 months from the demise of such Associate.

If there is no designated inheritor then in such a situation the legal heir of the deceased SEO Associate can approach the firm within 6 months of the death of such Associate with intent to inherit the SEO business of the deceased and after the satisfaction of the firm, he/she can inherit the SEO business of the deceased.

If nobody of the deceased SEO Associate come forward to claim his/her SEO business within the said period of 6 months from the death, SEO at its own discretion may terminate the associateship or transfer the said associateship and may dispose of such SEO Business and all of the rewards and other interests attached with associateship thereof. The firm at its own discretion may put a place holder or transfer the said associateship to anyone in accordance to the best interest of the Firm.

The applicant is required to submit the documents that will be asked from them by SEO Management and the decision of the firm with respect of transfer / termination / inheritance of the business of deceased SEO Associate shall be final and binding.

Resignation and Re-registration of a former SEO Associate:

If any SEO Associate wishes to resign from the firm, he/she has to submit a written application of his/her resignation with the firm and after SEO accepts the resignation letter such resignation of that SEO Associate will be effective immediately and from the date of acceptance, he/she cannot remain associated with the firm.

A SEO Associate who wishes to leave his/her SEO business by way of resignation and again wants to join the business shall have to undergo a dormancy / inactivity period of 4 months, following the lapse of said dormancy/inactive period; he/she can re-apply to become a new SEO Associate. The said associate cannot claim the rewards, business volumes, level, and eligibility from where he/she has resigned in his/her first associateship nor he/she can claim his/her previous business team under his/her Line of Sponsorship

After moving to a new group, the Associate cannot poach persons from their old group except for SEO Associates who were inactive for at least 6 months.

To apply for rejoining as a new SEO Associate, the Associate must submit - Previous allotted ID Number. Declaration of dormancy/inactivity. However, firm reserves the right to take final decision on each and every case on a case-to-case basis. Applicants can not apply under this rule to become associate in an already existing SEO business. If both husband-and-wife were SEO Associates and both had resigned and now anyone/both of them want to rejoin as SEO Associate/s, then he/she or both must fulfill the 6 months dormancy / inactivity requirements.

SEO prohibits re-registration of a SEO Associate and their spouse who has been terminated by the firm. Such persons will be allowed to re-join only at firm’s discretion. SEO Associate, intending to sponsor any such person, would be required to take written permission from Firm’s Management before sponsoring (The associate is required to furnish an undertaking to the firm).

orrective Action: CIf the above provisions are violated, SEO may take corrective action. SEO, at its discretion, may transfer the Business Group and the business volume generated during the period of violation in the original Line of Sponsorship.

Meaning of Term Dormancy/Inactivity: Term ‘Dormancy / Inactivity’ means that SEO Associate: Did not conduct field activities or did not hold meetings, did not attend any meetings, trainings, or conventions of any SEO Associate or any SEO-sponsored meetings. Did not purchase/sell SEO products in the capacity of a SEO Associate, not done sponsoring of prospects and shall not have presented the SEO Business Plan to any prospect. Did not participate in any SEO activity under another ‘SEO Associate’ in the name of parents, siblings or others.

Preservation of the Line of Sponsorship (LOS):

SEO protects the LOS and LOS information for the benefit of all SEO Associates. SEO keeps LOS Information proprietary and confidential and treats it as a trade secret. The Associate agrees that the LOS and LOS information are confidential, commercial and proprietary information and be regarded as ‘Trade Secret’ owned by SEO and shall not be disclosed by the Associate in any situation unless such disclosure is required by law or permitted by the firm to any person whatsoever.

Period of Dormancy/Inactivity and Change in Line of Sponsorship (LOS):

The SEO Associate can change their line of sponsorship, if in case due to misrepresentation or confusion amongst the business group and they being sponsored in the line of business of another SEO Associate. This change in LOS will only be allowed, if the Associate has raised the request to change the LOS strictly within calculation of first incentive after his/her joining.

The SEO Associate must not directly or indirectly, induce/entice other SEO Associates to change their line of sponsorship, poach or solicit re-registration of existing Associates from other line of sponsorship e.g. inducing a SEO Associate to start a new business in the name of any other family member under a different sponsor without complying with 06 months dormancy / inactivity rule.

Transfer of SEO Associates from one Sponsor to another is not allowed.

SEO Associate in one line of joining must buy all firm products and literature supplies directly from the firm.

SEO encourages its Associate to place orders independently or from the same line of sponsorship, in the event the Associate is placing order from other associate ID, then he/she should do so with the written approval from the ID bearer and owner of ID will remain responsible for the order/s placed and hence he/she needs to be cautious so as to safeguard his/her business interest.

Situation under which Interim Manager is appointed:

Where SEO is of the opinion that the interests of any Associateship within a particular Line of Sponsorship are being adversely affected by the inability or unwillingness of a Associate(s) within the same Line of Sponsorship, to properly carry out their responsibilities and obligations as an Associate(s), SEO may appoint an Interim Manager by notice in writing to run the business of the violating Associate. Such appointment shall apply until resolution of the situation and at the sole discretion of SEO.

Corrective Action:

If the provisions of the present document are violated, SEO may take corrective action, which may include but not limited to suspension, termination, or transfer of LOS of the SEO Associate at fault. Notwithstanding to the provisions given above, the Firm reserves the right to change, shuffle, remove and transfer LOS to suit the dynamic conditions for the best interest of the firm.

Transfer of a SEO Business:

A SEO Associate can choose to transfer his/her associateship to any of his immediate Family members (dependents). The transferred business shall remain separate from the transferee’s other SEO business and the Lines of Sponsorship shall not be altered in any way as a result of the sale. No transfer shall be final and no change of title of the business shall be made final until approved in written by SEO.

If a SEO Associate wishes to sell his/her SEO business, he/she must offer it to another SEO Associate in the following order of priority:

The business must be offered to the Sponsor, who throughout the negotiations of sale of associateship retains the right to acquire the same by meeting the price and conditions of any bonafide offer received by and deemed acceptable to the seller. In the case where the Sponsor does not accept the offer, the business must be offered for sale to all SEO Associates personally sponsored by the owner. In the case where the personally sponsored associates do not accept the offer, the business must be offered to all the SEO Associates in his/her line of sponsorship excluding his/her sponsor and his/her personally sponsored associates. If the SEO Associate above or below in the Line of Sponsorship of the Associate/ Owner in question also reject the purchase offer, or fail to respond to the offer, the Associate may offer the business to any other associate having same level as his/her If the SEO Associate wishes to sell the business under terms and conditions different from those of his/her first offer, the business must be once again offered for sale under the revised terms and conditions in accordance with the order of priority indicated above. No sale shall be final and no change of title of the business shall be made final until approved in written by SEO.

Divorce: Whenever a business under associateship is to be divided as the result of a divorce between the spouses working as SEO Associates, the same shall proceed as per the decree awarded by the court or as per the mutual settlement between the spouses. The Firm, on the other hand will facilitate the division of business in a way which do not adversely affect the interests and/or income of the businesses in the Line of Sponsorship. Till the process of division of said SEO business is not completed by the Firm, neither spouse will administer or operate SEO business, together or separately without SEO’s approval. SEO reserves all rights to accept / reject and act upon the request / application of a SEO for the transfer of his/her Business on case-to-case basis.


SEO Associate shall not permit the Firm’s products or services to be sold or displayed in retail stores, schools, ships or military stores; nor shall they permit any SEO products to appear in such locations even if the SEO product or services themselves are not for sale and no SEO material, literature shall be displayed at such locations.

A SEO Associate who works in or owns a retail store must operate their SEO business separate and apart from the retail store. Such Associates must secure customers and deliver products to them in the same manner as SEO Associates who have no connection with a store. Other types of retail establishments, which are not technically stores, such as barber shops, beauty shops etc., likewise may not be used to display SEO products, information about SEO services, or SEO literature. Further, SEO Associate shall not use mass communication methods such as television merchandising channels, computer networks, national or international advertising, etc. to secure SEO customers.

Exception to above sub-rule 14.b, Beauty salons, Health clubs, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics can display and sale health, beauty and nutrition products that are permitted in health establishments under the following conditions:

The primary focus of the business is service and retail sale of product is incidental to the service provided (e.g., health clubs, Doctor ‘s clinic, etc.) Only the products of the company directly related to the service provided by an establishment will be allowed. For example: A Health establishment i.e. Gym could only display, use and sell SEO range of Food Supplements. Only SEO Point of Sale as defined in the present document that are allowed to retail goods and services offered by Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd.. SEO products and services can be sold through such SEO Point of Sale which are duly approved by SEO to carry out retail sale of its Products /Services

Offers and Trips:

Firm for its Business Promotion provide various attractive offers on its products / business plan. These offers are promoted on its website/associate portal/social media platforms. It is the responsibility of the Associate to understand the offer properly. SEO Management has all the rights to change or withdraw such offers at any point of time. The decision of the SEO Management will be final and binding to all.

In certain offers the Associate who has availed the offer gets Discount coupon, the coupon has certain period of validity, so the Associate should remain aware of it and redeem the coupon on or before its expiry. The discount coupon cannot be encashed and the products once claimed against the coupon cannot be returned. The products once claimed against the coupon does not have Business Volume (BV). The Coupon can be used only once and no balance can be carried forward. Coupon can be used against purchase of products/services of the firm on the Associate Portal. The Discount coupon is available on the Associate Portal of the Associate who has availed the offer and it is the responsibility of Associate to safe guard the coupon and do not share the Associate Portal Password / Coupon redemption OTP, if the coupon got mis-utilized the Associate is not liable for the same.

Offers in form of Trips may also be promoted by the firm to promote its products and services. A tentative time frame for the trip shall be announced by the SEO Management well in advance. Due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances there stands a possibility that the trip might get delayed from its stipulated time frame, in such instances Associates are not entitled to hold the firm responsible and are expected to cooperate with the firm’s management. Once the date and place of the trip has been finalised by the Firm and same has been duly intimated to the Associates then the Associates will be bound to accept the same and no further rescheduling will be done with respect to the same. If anyone is not able to attend the trip for any reason, then that trip will not be compensated for that person in any next trip. The trip is non-transferable/ exchangeable/encashable. It is mandatory to submit required documents for travelling, 2 months prior to the date of the trip. Firm will not be responsible, in instances of documents/visa rejection. Any Associate who uses his/her fund/s for any trip and if for some reason/s he/she is not able to join the trip, in that case the amount deducted from the Associate’s fund, cannot be credited back to his/her account. SEO also offers free gifts from time to time. These gifts are delivered to Associates through postal means or can be directly collected by the associate from SEO Point of Sales.

Cooling off period and Buy back policy:

The SEO Associate shall have a Cooling Off Period of 30 days to cancel the agreement and by specifying proper valid reason/s. He/she will receive full refund against the products which are marketable and are currently in saleable condition purchased in this period under Cancellation/Return/Exchange/Warranty/Refund Policy.

SEO products return policy:

SEO proudly stands committed to its products and is confident of the quality and value they offer. The order placed for any products can be cancelled, if the SEO Associate has received the products and wishes to return or exchange the same, such instances will be governed by the Cancellation/Return/Exchange/Warranty/Refund Policy available of the Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. website (https://saveecoorganic.com/).

Trademarks, Copyrighted Materials and Advertising:

Trademarks: The name SEO and the names of all SEO products are the trademarks of and owned by the Firm and the Firm alone is authorized to produce and market products and literature under these trademarks. Use of the SEO name on any item not produced or authorized by the Firm is strictly prohibited.

SEO Literature: Only official SEO literature may be used for representing SEO products and/or the SEO Business Plan. SEO literature must not be duplicated or reprinted without prior written permission from SEO. Banners, trade show materials, and other related promotional material, must be approved in advance in writing by SEO.

Print and Electronic Advertising: Only the materials approved by the Firm may be used in the placement of any advertising in any print or electronic media which includes Webpage, blog spots on websites like Facebook, YouTube channels and Instagram handles. No person shall use the SEO name, logos, trademarks, or copyrighted material in any advertising not produced by SEO or without express written permission from SEO.

Internet and Website Policy: The SEO Associate can spread awareness and inform general public about SEO opportunity and benefits by way of spreading messages, videos, and photographs etc. on their own social media handles. However, the said messages, videos and photographs shall not de-grade the image of the Firm and shall be consistent with the official literature published by the firm. The Firm strictly monitors various social media platforms and will takes action if any SEO Associate found violating these policies.

SEO also maintains its official website https://saveecoorganic.com/and other Social Media platform/s for spreading awareness about the firm and the firm does not allow its Associates to:

independently design a website that uses the names, logos, or product descriptions of SEO. use “blind” ads or banner ads on the internet making product or income claims, which are ultimately associated with SEO products or the SEO Business plan.

Enforcement of the SEO Policies and Procedures:

Violation of the SEO Policies and Procedure is an extremely serious matter, not only because of the effect it may have on the business of an individual SEO Associate, but also, the result this conduct may have on the opinions of the SEO business held by the public, the media and government officials.

SEO will make every effort to correct any violation through guidance and counselling, further action may be required in more serious cases including, but not limited to the following, which may be applied by SEO in any order or in any combination:

Conduct re-orientation meetings and charge back the expenses to the Line of Sponsorship. Suspension period for the offending SEO Associate. Suspend invitations to firm-sponsored trips. Suspend authorisation to conduct sponsoring activity. Hold / forfeit payment of commissions, higher award monies, or other monies payable to the business. Termination of the offending SEO Associate.

SEO will allow the SEO Associate to implement the appropriate corrective action within the time limit specified by a decision letter. However, if compliance has not occurred on expiration of the time limit, SEO Grievance Redressal Committee will take further enforcement action directly. On receiving constructive response from the Associate, the Grievance Redressal Committee will respond and work on it, until the closure of the matter. Notice of such action shall be given by letter, addressed to the violating Associate. The letter shall be issued and sent by Registered Mail/email to the last mailing address while stating the Rule(s) violated by the Associate.

Procedure for handling violations and Actions taken by the firm:


Violation of the SEO Policies and Procedure is completely unacceptable under any circumstances. The firm in its absolute discretion can take disciplinary action, up to and including termination, against any SEO Associate who discreetly or indiscreetly violates Policies and Procedure and/or any other guidelines or instructions given in the firm’s official publications. The decision of the firm in this respect shall be final and binding to all parties concerned.

In case any violation is observed, SEO Associate must report the same to SEO in accordance with the below specified complaint procedure:

Violation must be notified to the firm along with all facts and documentary or other evidence connected with it. Additional information may be asked from any party by the firm with regard to the complaint. On receiving complaint, the firm will issue show cause notice stating the Rule(s) violated by the Associate to the Registered Mail/email of the concerned Associate seeking an immediate response. On receiving constructive response from the Associate, the Grievance Redressal Committee will respond and work on it, until the closure of the matter. The Grievance Redressal Committee will take disciplinary action if no response received from the Associate within the stipulated time.


SEO may initiate termination or suspension of a SEO Associate’s business even in the absence of a formal complaint.

Suspension of a SEO business: SEO may employ various actions and procedures to encourage proper SEO business conduct Block access to Business Status reports. Hold payment of commissions, award money, or other additional benefit payable to the Associate. Not allow them to attend Firm sponsored seminars, events, meetings, training sessions, home presentations etc. Prevent them from participating in Firm sponsored trips. Prevent them from placing orders on the Firm or sharing opportunities. Upon termination of their authorization as a SEO Associate for any cause whatsoever, the action will be taken as per Clause 20 (b) of The Policies and Procedure.

Termination of SEO Associate:

Termination of SEO Associate means SEO terminates all the contracts/agreements it has executed with the concerned Associate. From the date of issuance of the termination notice, the terminated Associate will immediately lose his/her SEO Associate’s rights and interests, including the incentives/income generated from the concerned SEO business.

SEO can terminate the SEO Associateship of an Associate if he/she:

gives wrong information in the online application form. misrepresents SEO and or its Business. breaches the Policies and Procedure. is convicted of an offence punishable by any court of law in India. is declared bankrupt. is not mentally sound to handle the business. is found to be acting as an associate or working for that company/organisation in any other manner/capacity which is in direct / indirect competition with SEO products, business and/or services that may neglect or detrimentally affect SEO. breaches the terms and conditions while availing any value-added services including but not limited to any payment thereof or failure in making any payment of any products / services provided by SEO. Defames the firm and or any of its employees. Uses the copyright data, information about downlines, plotting with others to harm the SEO Business. Makes his/her own organization to promote the SEO Business under its banner. If any associate makes a serious misrepresentation of SEO or SEO business which, in SEO’s opinion, is not likely to be satisfactorily remedied by initiating corrective actions. When a SEO Associate is terminated, the Associate loses all their position in the network, including, but not limited to, bonus ranks and eligibility. SEO has the right to terminate the SEO Associate Agreement in the event of an uncured breach by SEO Associate of the terms and condition of SEO Associate Online Application form. Once terminated by the firm, the SEO Associate will not be permitted to re-apply as Associate of the firm for minimum period of 6 months from the date of termination

Upon termination of his/her authorization as a SEO Associate for any cause whatsoever, the SEO Associate shall forthwith:

cease to use all trademarks, trade names, insignia, or other industrial property used in or related to the SEO business, and cease to identify himself/herself as a SEO Associate.

SEO may initiate termination or suspension of a SEO Associate’s business even in the absence of a formal complaint. SEO shall not, however, take action against the Associate until SEO has first offered the violating Associate an opportunity to explain and/or justify his/her conduct.

The SEO Associate shall have the right to request a review of the decision taken by the SEO Management Team, whose decision shall be final and binding.

In the event that the company terminates a SEO Associate's business pursuant to the terms of the SEO Associate Agreement, the Associate will have no claim against the firm, arising out of or in respect of the termination. The firm may terminate without affording to give an opportunity to rectify SEO Associate's improper conduct where the violation has been of such magnitude as to bring into serious question the right of such Associate to continue to operate his/her business.

Prohibition from Spamming:

Unsolicited e-mail messages: No SEO Associate shall send, transmit or otherwise communicate any unsolicited e-mail messages to persons with whom the Associate does not have a pre-existing personal or business relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, sending e-mails through newsgroups, purchased mailing lists, ‘safe lists’, or other lists of individuals or entities with which the Associate does not have a relationship.

Employment Postings: If a SEO Associate responds to an employment posting for someone seeking an employment opportunity, he/she shall clearly state within the first paragraph of the response that he/she is offering a business opportunity. Any materials used with a prospect must be approved by the firm in accordance with Policies and Procedure and business herein.

Use of the Firm Website (https://saveecoorganic.com/):

By using the Firm website, the SEO Associate accepts and agrees to be bound by the “Website Terms & Conditions and its Privacy Policy” and by all other terms and conditions, policies, procedures and/or rules mentioned on the website by the Firm from time to time, all of which forms an integral part of this Policies and Procedure and for governing the relationship between the SEO Associate and the Firm. SEO, at its sole discretion, may make changes in the Firm website and may alter any of the contents thereof by posting such changes online. The SEO Associate should ensure his/her awareness of all such changes by regularly checking his/her e-mails, Associate Portal and regularly reviewing the firm’s website. Continued use of the website following any change constitutes acceptance of the change and agreement by the SEO Associate to be bound by it. To enhance the user experience of the website, the Firm reserves the right and may collect Personal Data through the use of cookies and other technologies which is given in details in the Privacy Policy of the Website.

Modification by the Firm:

SEO shall at its sole discretion amend the SEO Associate Agreement and other SEO Literature and shall notify any amendments, alterations, deletions or additions by updating the same on the firm’s website (https://saveecoorganic.com/) and it is the Associate's responsibility to keep track of the same. In event of any change in SEO Associate Agreement / Policies and Procedure / Business Plan or any other policy/procedure of the Firm, the Associate can choose to terminate his/her associateship with the firm or such Associate aggrieved of any change in the SEO Associate Agreement / Policies and Procedure / Business Plan can intimate their grievance to the management within a period of 15 days, if not, then his/her continuation of the Associateship shall be deemed as his/her acceptance to the change.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

This policy is to emphasize that the firm will not overlook any violation of the Policies and Procedure defined and printed in any of the SEO Publications; no leniency shall be shown in dealing with a SEO Associate who is found to be indulging in adverse conduct or is found to be in violation of the Rules. In addition, SEO can hold that Associate responsible for any cost or damages incurred by the Firm and/or any other Associate/s, if the activities of such Associate have the effect of derogating, diminishing, or damaging the reputation of the firm or its products and/or services.

Adherence to Law:

SEO Associate must strictly adhere to the laws of the land. Associate must not engage in any unlawful trade practice as defined by any Central, State or Local law or regulation. If any Associate is found to be engaging in or operating, participating in an illegal or unlawful activity or enterprise and even upon notification and request by the firm, if he/she refuse or fails to terminate his/her relationship with such illegal or unlawful enterprise or activity, then the firm shall terminate such Associateship, whereupon the Associate shall lose all the right and privileges of his/her Associateship.


If any provision of these terms and condition laid down is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Dispute resolution:

That all disputes or difference arising out of or in relation to the business conducted by the Associate upon execution SEO Associate Agreement shall be governed by the dispute resolution clause as provided therein. Howsoever, the Firm has the right to amend the said clause by notification in writing to you vide any means/medium of communication including its website. The same shall be communicated to you 15 days prior to its implementation and continuation of business on your part shall be deemed consent to be governed by the same.

All disputes shall be resolved through Arbitration and provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall apply. That all disputes or difference arising out of or in relation to this agreement shall be referred to a Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Firm in the Firm. The Venue of Arbitration shall be Patna and shall be carried out in English language. That the jurisdiction in respect of any/all disputes arising out of or in relation to this Associate agreement shall vest exclusively in the Courts at Patna only.

Limitation of Liability:

The Firm’s liability whether under the SEO Associate Agreement or otherwise arising out of or in connection with this direct selling associateship shall not exceed the lesser of: actual damage or loss accessed by the arbitrator or any other dispute resolution mechanism adopted by the parties or total commission earned by the SEO Associate during the six-months period preceding the date of dispute.


As owner of my SEO Associateship, I agree to conduct my SEO business according to the following ethical standards: I will perform all my duties as a SEO Associate and maintain highest standards of conduct. The firm expects its every Associate to perceive and strictly adhere at all times the guidelines that are applicable to all SEO Associate under the SEO Business Plan. I will at all times follow the Policies and Procedure and terms of the SEO Associate Agreement in all respects, and strictly adhere to the procedures, systems, guidelines, requirements, policies, and terms & conditions mentioned in it. I will not engage myself in any activity that may bring disgrace to Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. or any of its products/services which in turn proves to be detrimental to the goodwill, image/business of the firm.

I will always truthfully present the Products and the Business Plan of the firm, and I will only present the literature approved in official Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. publications published by the firm. I shall promptly handle all claims related to exchange and return and I will always follow Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. prescribed procedures published by the firm in its official Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. publications from time to time. I will always carry out the responsibilities of a SEO Associate and also that of a Sponsor as mentioned in official Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. publications and I will not involve myself in any activity/activities which cause damage to any of the firm’s Associate / Associate's group / business.

I will conduct myself in a courteous manner of the highest standard while representing Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. to the world at large, as this may have very serious consequences for the firm’s business. I will only use Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. produced or authorized literature and publications in order to protect the business of the firm.

I will neither promote opportunity / products / services of Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd.’ competitors nor will I deal with any of the person/s related with those firms/companies. I will not undermine any of Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd.’ initiatives or manipulate any Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd.’ Trips, Promotions, or any other activities.

I will at all times abide by the Primary Rules of the firm’s business as mentioned below:
I will check with my active up-line before doing anything for the first time. I will never disregard / disrepute anybody’s Spouse, Money or Ego. I will never pass any negative statement that will hamper reputation of my up-lines, down-lines as well as my cross-lines, which in turn will put the Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd.’ business at risk.