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Eco Power Treat involves in the metabolic process responsible for transferring energy from one point to another in the plant and its take part in root development. Eco Power Treat helps transport of iron in the cells of plant. It increases the usefulness of phosphorus and iron, seed germination.

Eco Power Treat is a high quality growth booster. It is a pure and healthy combination of 100% natural sources. It improves the physical, biological and chemical properties of the soil. Eco Power Treat fulfills the most basic necessity of the crops by helping in nutrients transportation. It transfers the ions from one parts of crops to the others which lead to proper distribution of nutrients required by the crops. It plays an important role during the process of photosynthesis. It takes an active part during the process of chlorophyll formation, root development and flowering. The presence of phosphorus and iron it's composition promotes seed germination. It is completely organic and chemical-free product ensuring that its application has no harmful consequences. Composition: It is made up of plant growth hormones, essential nutrients, micronutrients, marconutrients, humic acid and fulvic acid. The composition is enriched with vermiwash. It also contains Humic acid sea weed extracts necessary for the proper growth of the crops. Mode and Time of Application: It is easy to apply as it only needs to be sprayed all over the crops after 20 days of sowing the seeds or crops. The method of application is known as Foliar Spray. The dose is 250ml per acre. Benefits: • Helps in root enhancements • Increases flora and fauna in the soil • Improves soil’s water retention activity • Maintains the natural state of soil • Keeps soil healthy • Add nutrients to the soil • Improves the growth rate of the crops • Prevents from pests and other infections • Helps to fight against diseases • Promotes seed germination Purpose: It has a great potential to treat the deficiency of magnesium, zinc, organic carbon, humic acid, natural root harmone and copper in the crops. The fulfillment of these nutrients will result in increased crop yields. Time of Application- Soil application and 20 days after sowing Method of Application-Root treatment Dose -250ml/acre ((1-2ml/ltr)

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