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Eco power soil booster is an organic soil conditioner and it gives a nature boost to crop during growing period. It also promotes the growth of soil micro-flora. It’s a highly effective, economical and eco-friendly product for soil application.

Eco power soil booster is unique and is certified as organic. This is the most successful product which can be used to increase the fertility of the soil. Eco power soil booster is one of the best boosters that features beneficial bacteria without any pathogens and is sustained with its food source. Eco Power soil booster consists of a premium level of quality and it is beneficial for all types of crops. The main purpose of this organic soil booster is to provide fertility for better growth. If we talk about the assignment of soil, soil ripeness, and manageable horticulture professionals are now mindful that it needs their wellbeing and essentialness to modify it. In those days, our tendency used to be more sound, with essential soils, and there is likewise more worth in duplicating nature in modifying soil wellbeing. Be that as it may, as you may know, we can't or nobody can bear to require a long period to do as such as nature did however everything we can do is a wise mediation. There is likewise some visual soil evaluation which assumes a vital part to layout the self-regenerative, independent, and, surprisingly, prolific soils, like development, touching, fertilizing the soil, soil protection, green manuring, soil testing, soil remineralisation, compost needs, fossil humates, and numerous other. Ingredients : Bio fertilizer which is coated with granules. Granules are mainly rich in seaweed extract, macronutrients, antioxidants, and minerals Benefits : ● Helps to increase bacterial population in soil ● Convert locked up nutrients in the soil to make more fertility ● Also, increase the water penetration level ● Contribute to retention ● Helps to increase new roots for the growth ● Enhance the tilth of the soil ● It helps to improve the overall health of each turf grass. ● You will even get an improvement in appearance and good color as well. ● It gives some benefits to soil microorganisms. ● It helps to stimulate the growth in roots and speeds in seeds germination. ● It also increases the uptake of all trace minerals. Application : ● Eco power soil booster can be effectively used for various types of soils. ● You can use soil booster through drip or sprinkler system ● Can be used on all crops on different types of soil under any climate conditions. ● It is so quite easy to handle and apply as it has a liquid concentration. Time of Application: At the time of soil preparation Method of Application: Soil application, use as a base fertilizers before seedling and planting. Dose : 4-8kg/acre

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