Orgi Power Rise

Orgi-Power Rise is specially formulated blend of organic elements combined with multi action plant health elements. It contains 18 types of different elements to provide broad spectrum application for increased nutrient uptake, enhanced root systems and improve the overall development of the plant. Orgi-Power Rise promotes the plants ability to combat various environmental stresses by enhancing natural anti-oxidant activity.

Main Contents:-Organic matter (Humic acid, fulvic acid and vermi wash), amino acids & traces elements

Application dose:-250ml/acre

Beneficial for all crops

Size :1000 ML

Price: ₹ 1199

Orgi Power Rise Plus

Orgi Power Rise+ is bio NPK microbial consortium containing three types of bacterial strains.One of them is a Nitrogen fixing bacteria, either Azotobactor or Azospirillum or Rhizobium, depending on the crop. The second is phosphate solubilising bacteria which solubilise fixed phosphate in the soil. The third is Potash mobilizing bacteria (Fraturia aurantia). They are able to synthesize/ assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilises phosphate and potash in available form, there by supplementing balance nutrition to the crops. It converts non-available form of micro nutrient into available form for crops.

Main Contents:- Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azotobactor, Azospirillum and Rhizobium), Potash mobilizing bacteria and Phosphate solubilising bacteria.

Beneficial for all crops.

Application Dose:- 250ml/acre with slurry or 1 LTR per acre

Size :1000 ML

Price:₹ 1370

Orgi Power Lucid

Orgi Power Lucid is a combination of Humic acid, fulvic and sea weed extract active ingredient. Its Increases metabolism of Plants, and its increase the vegetative growth, and develops the phloem and xylem in plants, increase leaf size and maintains leaf shine, colour. It also recovers spots on leaves. Improves the efficiency of crops. Orgi Power Lucid helps in enlarging fruit size, increasing and improving the quality and yield of crops.

Main Contents:- Humic acid, Fulvic acid and Amino acid

Beneficial for all crops.

Application Dose:- 250ml/acre

Packing:- 1000 ML

Price:-₹ 1299

Orgi Power Spark

Eco Power Spark is a product of natural origin for the balanced nutrition of plants, which can be used as foliar, soil application and through irrigation water. It is composed of Humic acid, amino acid, Fulvic acid and sea weed extract. It promotes cell division, elongation, root growth and vigorous development of the buds, plants health and boost your crop yield with quantity and quality of the harvest. Orgi Power Spark also helps in promoting growth of the plant and increase nutrient intake from the soil.

Main Contents:- Sea Weed Extract, Humic acid, fulvic acid and Amino acid

Beneficial crop:- Tea Crops, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cilantro, Collard greens, Kale, Mustard greens, spinach, lettuce, bok choy, herbs, microgreens and salad greens.

Time of Application:- First spray at the time of infestation.

Application Dose:- 250 ml/acre

Size:-1000 ML

Price:-₹ 1350

Orgi Power Boost Up

(Silver nanoparticles-based Nano pesticide and Nonfertilizer) Orgi Power Boost-up is silver based Nano pesticides which provide novel class of plant protection and Plant growth promotion which is safe and non-toxic. Orgi Power Boost-up has Smart delivery system can possess timely controlled, spatially targeted, self-regulated, remotely regulated, preprogrammed or multifunctional characteristics to avoid biological barriers to successfully targeting. Nano fertilizer as well as crop production and silver being a nutrient for the plants can be used to increase the nutrient uptake efficiency of the plants. It provides an improved uptake of nutrients from the soil than the bulk one.  Nano fertilizer helps in the slow and effective release of the nutrients, thereby preventing the nutrient losses. Absorption of nutrients by the plants from soil can be maximized using nano fertilizer.

Main Contents:- Silver nanoparticles-based Nano pesticide and Nonfertilizer

Beneficial for all crops.

Application Dose:-1ml per ltr

Size:-10 ML

Price:- ₹ 99

Orgi Power Radiant

Orgi Power Radiant is research-oriented Plant Growth Promoter for sugarcane crops with unique composition of Seaweed extract, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acids and Proteins that provided superior growth and overall development of the Sugarcane Crop. This unique formulation is designed to provide all essential nutrients to sugarcane crop and acts as a complete nutrition package. It supports height and weight of sugarcane crops. Moreover, Eco Power Radiant Plant Growth Promoter also increases percentage of sugar in sugarcane crops. It ensures better yields, top quality crops of desirable size, as well as providing longer shelf-life.

Main Contents:- Sea Weed Extract, Humic acid, fulvic acid and Amino acid

Beneficial crop:- Carrot Radish Garlic Ginger Onion Potato etc

Application Dose:-250ml/acre

Size:-1000 ML

Price:-₹ 1620

Orgi Power Active Plus

Orgi Power Active Plus is superior surfactants, developed to improve wetting, spreading and leaves penetration of especially water-soluble herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. It reduce the surface tension to a very low level, resulting rapid wetting cum spreading and complete coverage of leaf surface and helping to spread further and wet'surfaces. it is designed to work efficiently and economically.
Ingredients -Anionic, Cationic and Amphoteric wetting agent

1. Increase spreading
2. Increase sticking
3. Increase absorption

Time of Application: At the time of foliar spray

Method of application: Mix with foliar spray

Dose : 5 ml per 15 ltr pump

Size : 500 ML

Price: ₹ 699