We are IS0 9001:2015 certified company, incorporated in year 2015 and having market presence in 21 states across India. Thousands of associate workers bridge the gap between farmers and organic techniques and around thousands of farmers are helping us raise our vision and mission. To facilitate the operations and avoid any “slip between the cup and the lip” we have hundreds of organic farming groups in India who run the operations smoothly. All of our products are organically certified under APEDA. We are leading manufacturer and marketer of approved organic inputs such as organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, organic fungicides and organic growth promoters, Health Care Products, Home Care Products, Cosmetic Products and Animal Health Care Products. We are providing organic solutions across many sates in India with different crop patterns and environmental conditions. We are into absolute commitment to quality by firm belief on "Ethics & Intentions" precisely. All our products are 99.99% pure and 100% organic in nature. The company is aggressively propagating the technique of organic farming in the regions across the territory of India mainly encompassing virgin landscape and is evolving as a reliable brand for organic agriculture products. With our high potential and experience, we have been successful in producing a wide assortment of organic products owing to agro-climatic regions. Our modus-operandi is to have direct contacts with the farmers involved in organic farming which is quite important because it gives us assurance of our products being 100% organic and in turn, we can assure our esteemed farmers for the nature of products we offer. At the heart of Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. our commitment is to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action as we work with thousands of small family farmers in India. All Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. products support health and True Wellness and are made with love & care. Each product is one link in a chain of contentedness between Mother Nature, and you. By choosing Save Eco Organic Pvt. Ltd. you are completing this chain, actively participating in our mission to create a sustainable environment of True Wellness, providing training and a life of dignity to our farmers, and bringing happiness and True Wellness to you. All of our Save Eco Leaders, Associates and our marketing team are educated in organic and bio-dynamic agricultural practices. Farming families are supported by a sustainable income, while at the same time improving their own health and natural environment.