Cancellation, Return, Exchange, Refund Policy

Within fifteeen (15) days of receiving the Products, Distributor may reject any of such Products which in its good faith determination fail to meet the applicable Product Specifications in all material respects or which do not meet the product warranties contained herein by sending SEO notice of the lot numbers of rejected Products, together with a description of the specific reason for rejection. Distributor shall, within twenty (20) days of notice, return to SEO, any such rejected Products, which may be replaced by SEO within thirty (30) days of receipt. Distributor shall not be required to pay SEO for any Products which have been properly rejected and which have not been replaced by SEO. Any Product not rejected by Distributor within the thirty (30) day period shall be deemed to have been accepted. SEO shall perform a review of the Product returned by Distributor and shall use commercially reasonably efforts to implement necessary adjustments to the Product, if any are required, at the end of the quarter. If SEO determines the Product is within specifications and not defective, the Distributor will be responsible for the costs of the return and reshipment of said Product.